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SGOS GA has been released and can be downloaded from .  Please note that a valid BTO login is necessary to download the new software release.  For information

What's New

SGOS 6.1.2 offers the following new features:

Application Filtering

In addition to having the ability to block or allow traffic based on content categories that are assigned to a specific URL, application filtering allows you to assign application information to specific URLs, allowing you greater control over content to be filtered.  You can also create more granular policy that blocks only specific applications and operations.

Space Communications Protocol Specification (SCPS) Support

The ProxySG appliance supports SCPS transport protocol (SCPS-TP) functionality by enhancing standard TCP/IP, which improves data flow in satellite environments that experience high latency and loss characteristics. 

Support for the SG300 and SG600 Platforms

SGOS 6.1.2 introduces support for the SG300 and SG600 platforms.

Fixes in SGOS

For a list of fixes in SGOS, please see the release notes located at: .  Please click on the PLEASE READ link on that page to access the release notes.

Who Should Upgrade

The SGOS 6.x documentation is available at:


Known Issues

For a list of the known issues, please see the release notes located at:

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Last Published      10/01/2014
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