%0D%0A symbol in custom exception page causes Director to fail to perform a configuration backup



Received error message below when performing configuration backup on Director.

Error Details:

CLI Error Report:
CLI Command: remote-config backup device "3907061229"
CLI Error Response: Backup failed for device "3907061229"
Session Information: Wed Mar 31 11:39:39 SGT 2010 - (config session 151)


1.) The custom exception page, user_defined_my_exception on the configuration causing the director failed to perform configuration backup.

2.) Refer to the HTML code below, the "%0D%0A" mark when it's the first character on a new line the Director backup will failed.

<A href='
mailto:Proxy@example.com?subject=Proxy blocked Web page - $(url)
&body=Business Justification -

Web URL:                              $(url)
User ID:                              $(user)
User IP address:                      $(client.address)
Proxy Name and IP address:  $(proxy.name) - $(proxy.address)
'>Example Content Filtering Team</a>


3.) Remove this "carriage return" symbol from the new line as shown below.

<A href='mailto:Proxy@example.com?subject=Proxy blocked Web page - $(url)
&body=Business Justification -

Web URL:                              $(url)

User ID:                              $(user)

User IP address:                      $(client.address)

Proxy Name and IP address:  $(proxy.name) - $(proxy.address)
'>Example Content Filtering Team</a>


4.) Reinstall the exception page configuration.

5.) After removing the %0D%0A from the custom exception, the ProxySG's configuration was successfully backed up on the Director.


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InQuira Doc IdKB3756

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