"Access denied" error in some applications when IWA authentication is configured

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Your application has an "access denied" error when IWA authentication is configured, or you have a special application that doesn't respond to the 407 authentication code

There are some applications that don't understand ProxySG authentication or the 407 error code returned by the appliance to authenticate the TCP session.

Do one of the following to resolve the issue:

  • Disable authentication for this application. Perform a PCAP, determine the URL that the application is trying to connect to, and exclude the URL from authentication.
  • Use Windows SSO. Windows SSO dosn't challenge the application or even the browser. It authenticates the user based on its IP only. The appliance queries the AD using the source IP from which traffic comes.
    NOTE: For Windows SSO to work, each computer shouldn't be shared with any other user.
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First Published      10/01/2014
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Last Published      10/01/2014
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