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Should I receive an activation code when I purchase Blue Coat products?
What should I do with an activation code when I receive one?
How do I find my activation code?


For information regarding how to register a ProxySG, please see 000010608.

When a Blue Coat product is received, you may or may not receive an activation code to accompany your product.  Here are examples (this is not an all-inclusive list) of when you would receive an activation code with a Blue Coat product that you purchased:

  • Content filtering subscriptions, such as Blue Coat Web Filter (BCWF) or other content filters that run on the proxy
  • ProxyAV subscriptions, such as McAfee, Kaspersky, Panda, or Sophos
  • SSL licenses and/or upgrades
  • ProxySG model upgrades, such as an upgrade from an SG210-5 to an SG210-25
  • PacketShaper feature upgrades, compression, and acceleration
  • Reporter Enterprise license

So if a Blue Coat appliance has been purchased and none of the other items were also purchased, then there will not be any activation codes included with your purchase.  If you received something that does require and activation code, you will receive an email or letter with the information necessary to activate that new feature.  Here is a sample email that you may receive:

Thank you for purchasing a Blue Coat Product.

Your Software Activation Codes are listed below. These codes enable you to obtain the software credentials for your product subscriptions through the Blue Coat Licensing Portal.    A Blue Touch Online login is required to obtain your credentials. 

Send support, service renewals, and other customer account queries to Customer Care at or call 1-888-946-7769, option 2, option 2.

For your records, please retain the following software activation code in a secure location.

PARTNER NAME         :   Example Company
VAR                                :   Example VAR
END USER                   :   Example End User

Order Line #  Product Code  Description  Activation Code

1 AA-BBB-CCCC-DD         SSL License, SGZZZ-ZZ                                              XXXXXXXXXX
2 AAAA-BBB-CCC              Software, Blue Coat WebFilter, BBB-CCC Users    XXXXXXXXXX
4 AAAA-BBB-CCC-DDD    Software, Kaspersky AV, DDD-EEE Users - Z Yrs. XXXXXXXXXX

Thank you,
Blue Coat Systems

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