Adding more than one "ProxySG upload" streaming log source to a Reporter database

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When creating a new reporter Database, the default settings  for log sources is  to only define a  single the log source to read in Proxy SG access logs; How do I create a second streaming log source for the same database?

I already have one SG streaming it's access logs using Reporter, version 9.x,  how do I add a new SG so it can also stream access logs to the same database?

How do a configure another SG to use the "Blue Coat Reporter Client" option to stream it's access lots to a Bluecoat Reporter database?


NOTE: When configuring the Blue Coat reporter client upload configuration, you should always configure your SG to begin sending your logs, prior to adding the second log source on Reporter.

SG instructions:

  • Login into the selected SG, and navigate to the access logging section of the UI.
  • Click on the Upload client tab, and, for the log type of  "Main",  select the Client type of  "Bluecoat Reporter Client".
  • Click on the Settings button, and configure it for the reporters IP address. 
  • Leave all other options default:
    • Encryption <No Encryption>
    • Signing <no Signing>
    • Save the log file Gzip file.
    • bandwidth class <none>
  • Click on the Upload schedule tab, and ensure the schedule is set for continuously, and rotating daily at 2 AM. It's critical that this is setup for continuous.

Note: Unless you have specifically chosen another port, leave the default port number of 9081. If you do change this port number, you need to configure Reporter to use the same number you choose here.

 Reporter instructions:

  • Login to Reporter as the Admin user.
  • Navigate to the Administration section of the User Interface.
  • Click on the General Settings tab.
  • Click on Log sources.
    •  As long as you have completed the SG steps above, you should see this same SG listed in the unassigned log sources list now. If you don't see it here, check your Proxy SG configuration again.
  • Press the button 'New..", or go to Actions on the unassigned list, 
  • If you selected 'actions' then link this log source to your database.
  • If you pressed "New' Give the Log source a name that helps you remember which SG this is from, and press next.
  • Select your database, and press next.
  • Select the SG from the drop down list of Ip address and SG name, and press done.
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