After upgrading from SGOS 5 to 6, my SGOS configuration appears gone

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 After upgrading from SGOS 5 to 6, my SGOS configuration appears gone

The IP address assigned to my ProxySG is a very old IP address
Or my IP address is there, but my policy and other configuration information is gone.
All of my policy is gone, or I might have some really old policy
I only have SGOS 5.x installed on my proxy. 
What happened during the upgrade?
When will SGOS 5 configuration be converted to an SGOS 6.x configuration?




 The ProxySG probably had SGOS 6.x installed on it at one time, even though it was immediately downgraded and never used.  The ProxySG keeps separate SGOS 5.x and SGOS 6.x configurations.  If all the SGOS 6.x OSes were removed or replaced from the ProxySG, there is still an SGOS 6.x configuration stored on the ProxySG.  So when the ProxySG is upgraded, the SGOS 5.x configuration is not migrated because an existing SGOS 6.x configuration is present on the appliance.  NOTE:  Currently it is not possible to manage or delete the different profiles (SGOS 6.x profile or SGOS 5.x profile) on the ProxySG.  An enhancement request has been entered regarding the ability to delete/manage the various profiles found on a ProxySG.  Please contact your Blue Coat Sales Engineer (SE) if you feel this is an important feature request.

If the ProxySG never ran SGOS 6.x on it and it has always run only SGOS 5.x, then when the ProxySG is updated from SGOS 5 to 6, all the policy and configuration will be imported directly into the SGOS 6.x configuration.

Steps to resolve the issue:

  1. If the ProxySG is unreachable (the old SGOS 6.x configuration has an old IP address and it not reachable), then connect via the serial console and run through the initial configuration of the ProxySG via the command line interface (CLI).  Assign IP addresses to the interface, setup enable passwords and so forth.
  2. Once the ProxySG is configured, enter enable mode.
  3. In enable mode, type in "restore-sgos5-config" (without quotes).
  4. You will receive a warning that your SGOS 6.x configuration will be removed and the appliance will be restarted.  If you want to accept the command, type "y" (without quotes).
  5. The unit will reboot and your SGOS 5.x configuration will be updated/migrated into your SGOS 6.x configuration.

Sample CLI output:

Enable Password:
Restoring SGOS 5.x configuration requires a restart to take effect.
The current configuration will be lost and the system will be restarted.
Continue with restoring? (y/n)[n]: y
Restoring configuration ...



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