Analyzing packet captures obtained from a ProxySG

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Analyzing packet captures obtained from a ProxySG
What protocol analyzer can I use to analyze a packet capture (pcap) from a ProxySG?
You want to analyze captured packet stats or data


You can view packet capture statistics by navigating to https://ProxySG_IP_address:8082/PCAP/Statistics. From this page you can start, stop, and download a packet capture as well as obtain various stats.

You can view packet capture data through the Management Console by going to Maintenance > Service Information > Packet Capture, and clicking the "Show statistics" button.

You can view Packet capture data through the CLI using the following command:

SGOS# pcap info

To analyze captured packet data, you must have a tool that reads Packet Sniffer Pro 1.1 files, such as Wireshark or Packet Sniffer Pro 3.0.  Wireshark can be downloaded for free at .

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