Blue Coat PacketShaper and RFC 1323 support

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PacketShaper and RFC 1323 in conjunction with ProxySG:

For TCP window scale, PacketShaper by default supports a window scale up to 9.  This can be changed up to a maximum value of 14 to comply with RFC 1323.  The associated sys set is tcpMaxWindowScale.  PacketShaper is a traffic shaping device so it heavily utilizes window size for rate control.  Although the ProxySG allows 4MB of window size, the PacketShaper will likely alter this value based on the traffic managment rules configured regardless if ProxySG has RFC 1323 enabled or not.  

The command to change the window scale on the PacketShaper is: "sys set tcpMaxWindowScale 14". You can verify this by running a "sys set -nd" and then look for the tcpMaxWindowScale line. If you get an error while applying this you may need to activate debug commands by running a "sys set showdebug 1" first.

For information regarding RFC1323 support on the ProxySG, please see 000015466

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First Published      10/01/2014
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Last Published      10/01/2014
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