Business-critical URLs are re-rated, causing unexpected results

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Because of the dynamic nature of Blue Coat Web Filtering (and other supported content filter services) ratings for URLs change from time to time.  These changes are typically prompted either by investigation by our web filtering team or processes, or via submission on our filtering site,

In cases where one or two low-priority URLs are re-categorized and user access is affected, (eg, because the new category is not permitted based on your policy) using the sitereview page to request a re-rating is appropriate.  However, it the URL is business critical, it's important to ensure that re-ratings do not impact your business.


The solution for this is to create policy that negates category lookups for a list of domains.  Steps to configure this in the Visual Policy manager are below:

  1. Open the Visual Policy Manager.
  2. Create a new web access layer rule and position it at the top of your existing web access layer.
  3. Right-click the destination field, click Set > New > Combined destination object
  4. Name the object 'no_content_filter' or some such, so you'll be able to identify this at a glance in future.
  5. Add each of the addresses you mentioned to this object, (creating new simple match URLs as needed) and click Close > OK.
  6. Right-click the action field in the rule, click Set > New > Combined action object.
  7. Name the new object, add Allow to it, and click New in the bottom-right corner.
  8. Choose Set external filter service and select the option to Not use an external filter service and click OK.
  9. Add this object to the top-right box in the action object and click OK.
  10. Install the policy.

Now the proxy will those URLs that are critical to your business will always be permitted, regardless of their content filter category.

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