"Cache in use" on disk of pie graph is much larger than actual cached object

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An example of Normal and Abnormal disk statistics is shown below.
 (ProxySG Management Console, Statistics -> System -> "Disk Use" or "Data" tab)

You can see 0.3% "Cache in use" on Normal stats and 88.6% "Cache in use" on Abnormal stats even though the total data size by the cached object (number of "Cached Objects" is around 50,000 and the "Data" tab has a similar distribution)is almost identical in both pie charts.

[Normal stats]

[Abnormal stats]



"clear-cache" won't help in this situation.
Use "disk reinitialize" (this command cannot be used on models with a single hard disk drive) or "restore-defaults factory-defaults" to solve the problem.
Make sure to save the current SG configuration before proceeding with the above command since all configuration will be wiped out.
For backup and restoring configuration, refer to "Administration Guide -> Chapter 5: Backing Up the Configuration"

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First Published      10/01/2014
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Last Published      10/01/2014
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