Cannot block or deny a single YouTube video

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You want to allow users to see all YouTube videos except for a specific one, which you want to block. Following the procedures in KB articles FAQ711 and KB3710, which discuss how to allow a single video, do not work in your scenario.

As an example, you want to DENY the following video:
This example assumes a default ALLOW policy.
To block the YouTube video, use the following local policy (or the equivalent VPM policy):

    url.substring=kioiUPBgOOM DENY

This policy uses the unique identifier string of the video that follows the v= and blocks that substring from playing, as well as the background YouTube video URLs that are retrieved for the video.

Do not set the following URLs to DENY:
url.domain=// DENY
url.domain=// DENY

 NOTE: This CPL  has been tested on Internet Explorer 8 and 9 and Firefox 11.0, and it appears to be working as expected.



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