Can you remove individual entries, such as users or dates, from the Reporter database?

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Can I remove all a users data from the Reporter database?

Can I remove all activities for a single hour, or day, from the Reporter database?

Can I remove a all activities for a particular website, or category of website, from the Reporter database?

Can I remove,  delete, or erase selected data out of the Reporter database. 


Bluecoat does not recommend, or authorize,  any tampering with files, or folders,  in the database structure  for it's  Reporter product.

There is no  feature,  in any version of Reporter,  that allows for the removal  of  any type of data ( grouped or singular) from the database.

The only feature that removes data out of the Reporter database, is the scheduled event that expires all data after a certain date.

If the database is corrupted in anyway, we recommend a complete re-processing of the access logs, by following these articles:

For Version 9.x


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