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Unable to add a URL list from a text file using the User Defined Objects from the Object Library tab
Error:  The List name contains special characters which will cause policy compilation errors.
None of the names of the files or the URLs contain special characters


The problem has been reported to engineering.  Please see the workaround section below.


The workaround assumes that Advanced Content Filtering rules are being used.  To add a URL list from file, please do the following:

1.)  Go to the Content Filtering tab > Policy > Add Rule.
2.)  Select Who and From Where.
3.)  When you get to the "To Where" portion of the rule, click on "URLs..." > "New Domains/URLs" button > select "Import Domains/URLs" and browse out to the file in question.  Select the file and click on "Open".
4.)  Click on "Save As List..."  Give the list a name and an optional comment and click on "Save".
5.)  Select the list on the right side and click the "Add" button in the middle to add it to the left "To Where Preview" pane.
6.)  Finish the rest of the rule.
7.)  Click on Activate for the rule to take effect.


1.)  Login to the portal.
2.)  Go to Overview > Object Library > User Defined Objects
3.)  In the To Where > URL Lists [Add New] >
     a.)  URL List Name:  Give it a name, such as test
     b.)  Click on "Get More Urls/Domains"
     c.)  Select "Import Domains/URLs"
     d.)  Click "Browse" and browse out to the URL list and then click on Open
     e.)  Click on Import
     f.)  Do you want to append these URLs or replace your existing list?  > Select Append.
     g.)  Error:  The List name contains special characters which will cause policy compilation error.


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First Published      10/01/2014
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Last Published      10/01/2014
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