(Cloud) How do I allow dropbox.com access when I am denying the online storage category?



I am using Blue Coat's Threatpulse Cloud product
My users are being blocked to dropbox.com
I am blocking the online storage category
I made an exception for dropbox.com to allow, but I am still being blocked


In order to allow access to dropbox.com, you need to do the following:

  • Allow dropbox.com
  • Allow the dropbox.com IP address range of

The "To Where" column will include the domain and the IP address range.  Set the rule to "Allow".  Once you created the rule, click the Activate button and test your policy.


If you have SSL intercept enabled, you need to disable SSL intercept for  To do that, please do the following:

1.)  Login to the portal (portal.threatpulse.com)
2.)  Go to Service > Network > SSL > Pass Through Destination > Pass Through IPs/Subnets (tab) > Add Pass Through IPs/Subnet (button).
3.)  Enter
4.)  Click on the Activate button and then test.

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