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For information: http://portal.threatpulse.com/docs/sol/Solutions/ManagePolicy/SSL/about_ssl_co.htm

  • How do I enable SSL interception for the Web Security Service?
  • How do I bypass certain sites or categories from SSL interception for the Web Security Service?
  • After enabling SSL Interception, the service apparently does not intercept some sites.


To enable Web Security Service SSL interception:

  1. Log in to your Web Security Service account (portal.threatpulse.com).
  2. In Service Mode, select Network > SSL.
  3. Select On.
  4. Click Activate.

After you enable SSL interception, your end-users might begin receiving SSL warnings in the browser because the CA which signs the intercepted traffic is not automatically trusted by the browsers.

You must manually download the Web Security Service SSL Root Certificate and install it into the browser Trusted Root Certification Authorities. This can normally be pushed out to your browsers through your internal organizations group-policy.

By default, the following categories are not intercepted, as they might contain private/personal information:

  • Brokerage/Trading
  • Financial Services
  • Health

To edit these categories, select Pass Through Categories and tick the categories to bypass SSL interception (or clear any categories).

You can also bypass specific domains or IP addresses. Click Pass Through Destinations.



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