Configuring the Telnet console for the ProxySG



Configuring the Telnet console via the web interface (https://<ip.address.of.proxysg:/8082 ):

1.)  Go to the Configuration tab > Services > Service Ports.

2.)  To create a new Telnet-Console port service, click New; the Add Service dialog appears. Select Telnet-Console from the Protocol drop-down list.

3.)  Select Telnet protocol from the drop-down list.

4.)  The default IP address value is all. To limit the service to a specific IP address, select the IP address from the drop-down list.

5.)  In the Port field, specify a port number; 23 is the default.

6.)  Select Enabled.

7.)  Click OK; click App


Configuring the telnet console via the command line interface (CLI):

Proxy#config terminal

Proxy#(config) services

Proxy#(config services) telnet-console

Proxy#(config services telnet-console) create ip_address:port


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