Connecting to the Director Web UI times out with no errors shown

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When trying to load up the Web UI in your web browser, you don't get any error messages. After a long time the connection may simply time out and give you the generic browser "Page cannot be displayed" error. However, when trying to TELNET into port 8082 on the Director appliance, the connection is established successfully. A packet capture on the client workstation while attempting to access the Web UI in a browser would show a TCP connection established successfully on port 8082, but no data is sent from Director to the client.

I just upgraded to the latest SGME version, and can no longer dowload, or even find the User Interface client. 

In the latest operating system for Director- SGME- there is no download link for the User Interface client.



This issue may be caused by the primary Director hard drive partition running out of space, due to a large amount of auditing logs being stored on it.

To confirm if this is the case, log into the Director console (SSH) and run the following steps:

 1: Getting access to the command line interface- CLI:

  • Open a SSH session to to the Director box. .
  • TIP: Enter the enable mode by following the steps.
  • director > enable
  • Password:
  • director #
  •  TIP: Enter the configuration mode, by following these steps.
  • director # config t
  • director (config) #
  • director (config) # shell
  • sh-2.05b# df -h
    Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/sda2             2.0G  563M  1.4G  30% /
    /dev/sda1              99M  7.6M   87M   9% /boot
    none                  506M     0  506M   0% /dev/shm
    /dev/sda3             6.3G  6.3G     0 100% /var
                          6.1G   33M  5.8G   1% /local

2:  Check your DNS service on the Director appliance.

  • To fo this follow the steps in this article - 000014210


 NOTE: Look at the "Avail" column for the "/dev/sda2" entry. If the amount of free space is 0 or very small (under 100MB) there may be issues with starting the services that provide the web UI.

To resolve the issue, you will need to clear out the audit logs with the following commands:

  • sh-2.05b# exit
  • TIP: the above command exits from the shell.
  • director # conf t
  • director (config) #
  • director (config) # logging dump-contents clear
    Are you  sure you want to clear the logs (yes/no)?yes
    Contents are cleared.
  • director (config) # write mem
  • director (config) # reload

3:  The later versions of SGME do not come with a downloadable client.  We no longer provide the client off of our website, because it automaticly downloads once you authenticate to the Director appliance.  You merely need to go to  https://<ip-address>:8082   and authenticate.  For more details on the JAVA downloadble, see the CMG guide, or goto 000012436

NOTE1: The above commands will remove all your  audit logs. The last command will reboot Director. After the reboot, the Web UI should be accessible again. 

NOTE2: If you have a large amount of ProxySG appliances (over 40) and running daily backup jobs on them, it would be advisable to disable audit logging, since this issue may come up again. The command "no logging dump-contents" from the "config t" prompt will disable the creation of audit logs.

NOTE3: For other tips, and troubleshooting hints as to why you cannot access the User Interface console, see 000014650

NOTE4: For more details on other Command Line Interface ( CLI) commands, available, see KB4178












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