Director unable to connect to ProxySG (ICMP ping disabled)

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Blue Coat Director is unable to connect to the ProxySG
The ProxySG has a network route between it and the Director appliance
A workstation on the same network as the Director server can SSH and get to the Web UI
The workstation on the same network as the Director server cannot ping the ProxySGs
The Blue Coat Director will not connect to the ProxySG
The network administrators have disabled ICMP ping on the network


Blue Coat Director will use ICMP to ping the ProxySG before attempting to connect to it.  If ICMP is not being passed on the network, then ping will fail and the Director will not attempt to communicate to the proxies even though all the TCP protocols documented in 000015461 are able to pass.

The resolution is to enable ICMP ping on the network.  Currently there is no workaround for the issue.  If you are not able to enable ICMP ping on your network, please contact your Blue Coat Sales Engineer (SE) and submit a feature request (FR) to have Director function without ICMP being enabled on the network.

NOTE1: For details on what Command Line Interface ( CLI) comamnds  are sent to the the SG when you push a profile out, see 000014751

NOTE2: For details on why you might be having trouble adding devices to your Director Appliance, see 000011636

NOTE3: For a explanation on why there is a webserver appearing on later versions of Director, see 000014310

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First Published      10/01/2014
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Last Published      10/01/2014
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