Does WebFilter rate websites in a cascaded fashion?

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A single category rating for  Domain Names is no longer viable  these days. How does Webpulse handle cascaded websites with multiple content types?

What are some examples of how Webpulse rates websites?


Ratings are usually cascaded — they affect all URLs from that point on down in the site. This method is preferable when possible, since that way a single rating can cover a large number of URLs. It is possible, however, to use non-cascading ratings as needed to identify specific content.

Here is a summary of how it works:

  • Trusted ratings cascade down to include all pages at their level or below.  
  • A site may have multiple sub-sites that may include a different cascade rating for each sub-site or sub-directory.
  • If a page is covered by a cascaded rating, it gets rated from the database.
  • If a page is not covered by a cascaded rating, it goes to WebPulse to be dynamically rated.
  • At the WebPulse level, non-text pages with extensions like .js, .css, .gif, .jpg, and so on, are not rated individually.
  • WebPulse only analyzes text.

Consider the following examples:

  • Rating a host such as

This is a free Web host; anyone that wants to set up a web site there can do so, consequently, the domain level is categorized — we know it is a web host. However, that tells us nothing about what other pages hosted on the site might contain. So that top-level rating does not cascade down, since it would be completely inaccurate for any of the sites hosted there — they are NOT web hosts. Instead, the lack of a cascaded rating means all of the pages in sub-directories or sub-domains will go to WebPulse, unless they are rated separately in the database (see the examples that follow).

This is not a web page, it is a style sheet. This will not have a rating in WebPulse.

  • Rating this URL:

This is a site about Python. WebFilter has rated it as Computers and Reference in the database. This domain is trusted and completely independent of the rating for, so that ALL pages under it (for example, would get this same rating without going to WebPulse(including any auxiliary files like .js, .css, and so on).

  • Rating this URL:

At the time of writing this article, this was not currently rated in the database, so it would have gone to WebPulse to be rated as Computers.

  • Rating this URL:

It is also not rated in the database, so it goes to WebPulse. However it will not be rated owing to insufficient text on the page, and WebPulse reports it as Unrated; When there is sufficient doubt about the accuracy of the contents of a page, WebPulse reports it as Unrated.
Note: Any site with .css and .gif files in unrated directories would return as Unrated since they are not web pages.

This domain has a trusted rating, so the main page and both of the .js URLs requested would all be rated as finance by the database. They would not go to WebPulse.

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