Duplicate Serial Number error message (MACH5)

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An appliance serial number is a unique identifier and can be used in only one instance of a ProxySG Virtual Appliance  (ProxySG VA). You are receiving this error because two ProxySG VA’s in  your ADN network have identical serial numbers. When an ADN manager receives a connection  request from an ADN node with a duplicate serial number, the following  measures are taken:

  • The connection to the ProxySG VA that first established a connection with the ADN Manager is terminated. This connection is terminated to prevent a routing storm in the network. All traffic that is currently intercepted on this ProxySG VA is bypassed, since ADN is effectively disabled. No traffic will be accelerated on this  ProxySG VA.
  • A message recording the  duplicate serial number error is written to the event log of the ProxySG  VA that has been disconnected.

The health state of the ProxySG VA transitions to Critical, and the following alerts appear: License expired. All traffic is now bypassed  and ADN Connection Status Disconnected.



Resolving the Duplicate Serial Number Error Message

To resolve the duplicate serial number error, you must take the following steps:

  1. Identify which ProxySG VA's in your network are using identical appliance serial numbers. The serial number is displayed on the Blue Coat Sky banner and on the Management  Console banner.
  2. Decide which ProxySG VA  to retain.
  3. (Optional) Back up the configuration of the duplicate ProxySG VA. You can later restore this configuration to another ProxySG VA (one that has a unique serial number).
  4. Delete the duplicate  ProxySG VA. To delete the duplicate ProxySG VA on the ESX host, select it, right-click and choose Delete from Disk.

    Note: You cannot edit the serial number on a ProxySG VA. To replace this instance of the ProxySG VA, you must purchase a new appliance serial number  and recreate a ProxySG VA. Contact your Blue Coat Sales Representative  for purchasing a new appliance serial number.
  5. To  resume acceleration, reboot the ProxySG VA. You need to reboot the appliance only if the ProxySG VA that you selected was initially disconnected from the ADN network. Booting up the appliance re-establishes the connection  between the ProxySG VA and the ADN Manager.


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First Published      10/01/2014
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Last Published      10/01/2014
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