"Enable ProxyAV Task Monitor" troubleshooting feature in is does not work for AV210s, AV510s and AV810s.



ProxyAV will become unresponsive to network traffic when the following is true:

  1. The ProxyAV is a model 210, 510 or 810.
  2. The ProxyAV is running
  3. The Advanced > Troublesooting > Enable ProxyAV Task Monitor option is enabled.
  4. The ProxyAV's serial console is responsive.

A "restore hardware defaults" from the ProxyAV's serial console is required to resolve this issue.  Here are the commands to restore the ProxyAV to defaults:

1. Wait for the "Press any key during 5 seconds to access Boot menu" message and press <enter>

2. The following menu will be presented:

a) Restore hardware defaults
b) Restore boot
c) Reboot
d) Exit

3. Press <A> to restore hardware defaults

At this point you will need to reconfigure the ProxyAV.

This issue will be fixed in ProxyAV OS, if and when that becomes available.  This issue does not occur on ProxyAV OS releases 2.x, 3.1.x, and 3.2.x.

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InQuira Doc IdKB4311

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