Event Log displays error communicating with DRTR servers but this is not reflected in Health Checks

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One of the following Event Logs are generated:

- "Receive failed. Using service drtr_service_8_21_4_203 on local port 52589 with total retransmits 6 and a high water packet retransmit of 6 errno=60."  0 3E0001:1   ../opp_request.cpp:509
- "Dynamic categorization communications error: Receive failed."  0 510000:1   ../protocols/cerberian/cerberian_api.cpp:94
- "Receive failed due to dropped connection by peer. Using service drtr_service_8_21_4_203."  0 3E0001:1   ../opp_request.cpp:509
- "Cannot establish connection to service drtr_service_8_21_4_203"  0 3E0001:1   ../opp_worker.cpp:919

The https://ProxySG:8082/health_check/statistics Advanced URL shows no Failures to the affected DRTR server :

      IP address:           Enabled   OK   UP
        Last status: Success.
        Successes (total): 213   (last): Thu, 21 Oct 2010 16:50:31 GMT   (consecutive): 213
        Failures  (total): 0   (last): Never   (consecutive): 0   (external): 0
        Last response time: 591 ms   Average response time: 710 ms
        Minimum response time: 127 ms   Maximum response time: 5647 ms

The Health Check component is doing its own connection to the DRTR servers, in order to test it. If it happens to succeed, even if a previous proxy-triggered access to DRTR failed, the Health Check Statistics will not show failures.

The Health Check component does not keep count of failures encountered by regular use of DRTR. So it is possible that a legitimate DRTR request failed while those initiated by Health Checks succeeded.

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First Published      10/01/2014
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Last Published      10/01/2014
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