How can I access LogMeIn through ThreatPulse cloud service?



When connected through the ThreatPulse (cloud) service, I cannot access even though I've added it to trusted destinations.


The LogMeIn service uses multiple URLs to establish a connection to the service:


You can add these URLs to the Allowed URLs or Domains link in the To Where column. If you require additional limits, create a custom rule.

1. Select (Content Filtering > Policy > Add Rule) to begin the rule wizard.

2. Select to whom the rule applies.

3. Select From Where the traffic is coming from (if applicable).

4. In the To Where option, click URLs.

5. Enter the following URLs:,, and

6. Add the URLS.

7. If required, configure the When and Limits portion of the rule.

8. Select Allow for the Verdict.

9. Apply the rule.

You can now open a browser to and enter your username/password and be directed to your account.

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