How can I append part of a traffic tree to another PacketShaper?



One of my PacketShapers has a traffic tree that I'd like to use on another PacketShaper. Is there a way to append part of one PacketShaper's tree structure onto another?


Follow these basic steps:

  1. Back up the first PacketShaper's configuration using the setup capture command in the CLI. This creates a command file called config.cmd that contains all the commands for rebuilding the configuration.
  2. Open the config.cmd file in a text editor.
  3. Edit the script to keep the part of the class tree configuration that you want to append to the new PacketShaper. 
  4. Copy the script to the new PacketShaper.
  5. Use the run command to run the command file, for example, run config.cmd. When the script is run, all the commands for creating classes, policies, and partitions will result in the recreation of the traffic tree that you had on the first PacketShaper.
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