How can I configure Filezilla for Proxy authentication in a Transparent deployment?



You want to configure Filezilla client for authentication in a Transparent deployment.


If you want to configure Filezilla for Proxy authentication in a Transparent deployment you can use Site Manager feature.

This configuration has been tested with Filezilla client 3.5.1 and could change in future releases.

This article assumes that your Proxy has already been configured for an authentication method (LDAP, Radius, ecc.) in this example we are using the LDAP user test2.


For more information about FTP features and login syntaxes please refer to this KB: /articles/Solution/SupportingFTPontheProxySG

If you want information about Filezilla client configuration in Explicit deployment please refer to this KB: /articles/Solution/HowdoIsetupFilezillaFTPclienttoworkthroughtheProxySG


You can access Site Manager from Filezilla GUI pressing CTRL+s or from File --> Site Manager menu.

In the example screenshot we are connecting on with FTP user "anonymous", FTP password blank, Proxy user "test2" and

Proxy password "clearpass" (yes, the password will be in clear).  The Logon Type must be on Account.


Filezilla configuration with Site Manager

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