How can I send access logs to more than one server ?

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Besides sending Access Logs to a Reporter server, you may need to send the same Access Logs to other servers also.

Here are the steps to configure:

Step 1: You need to create another log
For example, if you want to send Access Log: main to 2 servers, you can create main2 using Log format main
- Configuration > Access Logging > Logs > New > Log Name: main2, Log Format: main > OK > Apply

Step 2: You need to create a policy to log to the new access log that you created in Step 1.
- Configuration > Policy > Visual Policy Manager > Launch > Add a new Web Access Layer (It should be the last layer)
- Then right click on Action > select Set > New > Modify Access Logging > Enable logging to > select main2 (the new access log that you created in Step 1) > OK > OK > Install Policy

Step 3: You need to configure SG to upload this Access Log to a server
- Configuration > Access Logging > Logs > Upload Client > Log: main2 > Client type: FTP Client (You can select other client type from the drop down list)
> Settings > Specify IP address of the server, Path, and Username/Password to access the server > OK > Apply
- You can schedule the time for uploading the access log in "Upload Schedule" tab

Now the Access Log main2 will be uploaded to the server as scheduled

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