How can I transfer a packet capture (pcap) using the ProxySG CLI?

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 Pre-requisites: To transfer the pcap to an external location, you must have the following:

  • A properly configured FTP server. If the FTP server requires a username and password for access, gather that information before you begin.
  • Network connectivity between the ProxySG and the FTP server.

To transfer the pcap file:

  1. SSH into the ProxySG CLI and enter the privileged mode
  2. Enter the following command to transfer the pcap file to the root folder on the FTP server:

  SGOS# pcap transfer ftp://ftpserveripaddress/filename.cap username password

Note: By default, proxy places the pcap file in the root folder. To specify a folder on the FTP server, in the path include the name of the folder just before the filename as follows:

  SGOS# pcap transfer ftp://ftpserveripaddress/path/filename.cap username password







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