How can I verify that the ProxySG is optimizing Flash traffic on my network?

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When a live stream is being split, or a stream in a VOD connection is being cached or is played from the cache, the Active Sessions report shows an in-color Object Caching (OC) icon . The following steps show you how to verify caching of a pre-recorded video.

1. Using a Flash client, play a pre-recorded video (make sure to select one that you have not played previously).
2. While the video is playing, go to the Management Console and select Statistics > Sessions > Active Sessions.
3. For Filter, select Proxy and choose Flash.
4. Click Show to display a list of connections.
5. Locate the connection. It is listed with Flash in the Protocol column and an in-color Object Caching icon in the OC column since the connection is being cached. The Savings column indicates little to no bandwidth savings since this is the first time the video was played.
6. Play the same video again.
7. Display the active Flash proxy sessions. Because the video was served from the cache, there is significant bandwidth savings shown in the Savings column.

Encrypted Flash connections will show one of the following three messages in the Detail column:

? Encrypted—The encrypted connection was decrypted, optimized, and reencrypted.
? Encrypted, tunneled by policy—The encrypted connection was not decrypted or optimized because a policy dictated that the connection should be tunneled. The policy property that controls whether encrypted Flash connections are tunneled is streaming.rtmp.tunnel_encrypted().
? Encrypted, tunneled as unknown protocol version—The encrypted connection could not be decrypted or optimized because the RTMPE protocol version was not recognized.

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