How can I verify the ICAP Health-Check and connection status on a ProxySG?

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To view Health-Check information for ICAP services, open this URL:


Example ouput in SGOS 5.x:
External Services

  icap.icap    Enabled      OK      UP
    Last status: Success.
    Successes (total): 16      (last): Thu, 15 Oct 2009 03:38:21 GMT      (consecutive): 16
    Failures  (total): 0      (last): Never      (consecutive): 0      (external): 0
    Last response time: 140 ms      Average response time: 336 ms
    Minimum response time: 127 ms      Maximum response time: 3136 ms

Example output in SGOS 4.x:
State: Functioning properly
Last success: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 05:42:58 GMT
Number of successes: 8
Consec. successes: 8
Last failure: Never
Number of failures: 0
Consec. failures: 0
External failures: 0
Response time: 212 ms

Note: if the Number of failures is relatively high and the last Failure date/time is relatively recent, this could indicate a connectivity issue or other problem with the ICAP service.


To view information on Current and Queued Connections for an ICAP service, open this URL:


Example output in SGOS 5.x:
External-service statistics
Version 1.0

OPP-Entity: icap
Entity Name icap
Total Requests 793
Communication errors 56
Max connections 25
Current connections 0
Current transactions 0
Queued actions 0
Max queued actions 0
Current plain connections 0
Current secure connections 0
Current deferred connections 0
Current deferrable connections 0
Current waiting conns 0
No contents 736
Replacements 1

Example output in  SGOS 4.x:
External-service statistics

  ; Connection info
  max-conn               25
  current-connections    2
  current-transactions   0
  queued-actions         0
  max-queued-actions     0

  ; Request summary
  total_requests         12
  communication_errors   0
  no_contents            12
  replacements           0

Note: If users have reported slow internet access, this could be a place to check for a possible cause. A high queued-actions or max-queued-actions value could indicate that the ICAP server is overloaded.


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