How can do you use IWA, LDAP or other authentication realm credentials to access the ProxySG Management Console?



To use a ProxySG authentication realm to access the Management Console you must create rules for "Admin Authentication Layer" and " Admin Access Layer"  in the Visual Policy Manager (VPM).

" Admin Authentication Layer"

Source  : Any
Action: Set -> New -> Authenticate ( Add Authentication Object : Name - AdminAuthenticate, Realm -  LDAP, IWA or other Authentication realm)
Track :  None                        


"Admin Access Layer"

Source: Set --> New --> User (Add User Object : Authentication Realm- Same as above layer, User - Browse for respective Authentication Realm)
Service: Any 
Action: Read/Write Access(as per requirement)
This will allow the non-admin users to access the ProxySG  Management Console using their Authentication realm credentials. This has been tested for LDAP and IWA Authentication Realms. It is useful for security purposes.

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