Changing browse time threshold on Reporter 9

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TIP: This article is for advanced users only.  Ensure you have tried these steps on a non-production server, first, before applying them to your production database, as database coruption may result if you do not follow the stops properly.

By default, once a user is seen as browsing a website for longer than 30 seconds, the timer is triggered to start caculating how long they spend browsing.

To change this value, to say 20 seconds, follow these steps:

Stop the reporter service/daemon, before making these changes.

In the command line, or in a suitable file manager, navigate to these folders, depending on your operating system:

  • opt/bc/reporter/settings/databases,  if you are using LINUX.
  • <installed drive>\Program Files\Bluecoat Reporter 9\settingsdatabases,  if you are using Windows.
  • Using your favorite text editor, open up the <databasehashname>.cfg file.
  • In each file, you will find the database name at the top of the file.
  • The database name will look like this - label = "NEW-DEMO LOGS browse time test"
  • If you have multiple databases, you'll need to make sure you are making the change for the right database first before proceeding.

Follow these steps to edit the file:

  • Find the log processing section in this file.
  • It will look like this.

log = {
    processing = {
      pvc_max_wait_time = "30"
      frequency = {
        type = "minute"
        every = "10"


  • Add in this line, as per this text, but remove the double quotes on each side.
  • " default_browse_time_per_pv = "20" "
  • The file should look like this, after your edit.

log = {
    processing = {
      pvc_max_wait_time = "30"
      default_browse_time_per_pv = "60"
      frequency = {
        type = "minute"
        every = "10"


  • Save the file, and exit.

Restart the reporter process.

NOTE1: Only new acess logs processed from this time on  will have this new algorithm applied to them. To have all your database re-calculated to this new value you will need to re-process your logs.  To reprocess your logs, see this KB article for instructions: 000010417

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