How do I change my username in the Reporter 9 web interface?

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I want to change my username that I use to login to the Reporter web interface.


NOTE: This document applies only to Local Users in Reporter.

Local User account information is stored in the /settings directory, under the /Blue Coat Reporter 9 directory, in the local_users.cfg file. In order to change user account information, do the following:


1. Stop the Reporter service. This step is very important, as Reporter stores this information in memory, and writes the data to disk when the process stops, meaning that it will overwrite any changes you make to the file if you don't stop the service first.

2. Edit the local_users.cfg file with a text editor.

3. Find the section of the file for the user you would like to edit. For example, if you want to edit Bob's information, look for this section:

  user_0cbb18e0c4e411df9865f0004e78d58a = {
    username = "Bob"
    password_checksum = "04bc29512fc17a"
    roles = ""
    administrator = "true"
    b64username = "U3RldmU="
    last_login = "1285006974"
  } # user_0cbb18e0c4e411df9865f0004e78d58a

4. In the section above, there are two fields for the username. The "username" field is the display name in the Reporter web interface. The "b64username" field is the username that you use to login to the web interface. Change those fields to whatever you would like and save the file.

5. Start the Reporter service again and login with the new name.


NOTE 1: If you are using Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7 to host Reporter, you will probably be unable to save the file. This is due to Windows security; the operating system needs to prompt you for admin credentials to write to that directory, and your text editor cannot do that. In this instance, save the file to an easy location, such as your desktop, and then copy it back to that directory.

NOTE 2: There is no easy way to determine what the b64username will be. For example, if you wanted to change "Bob" above to "Mary" both in the web interface and as the login name, the best option is to create a new user account named Mary, edit this file and examine the b64username for Mary, copy it and paste it to the old Bob b64username. You can then delete the "Mary" section of local_users.cfg.

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