How do I configure an FTP server for uploading CacheFlow access logs?

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CacheFlow can maintain an access log for each HTTP request and store the log in one of three formats (common, Squid-compatible, and custom). You can use a variety of reporting utilities to read these formats.

To upload CacheFlow access logs to an FTP server, go to the CLI root configure menu and type:


This changes the prompt to:
CF_Name#(config access-log)
Then, enable the FTP client type and specify the FTP server for uploads.


CF_Name> enable
Enable Password:
CF_Name #config terminal
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CTRL-Z.
CF_Name#(config) access-log
CF_Name#(config access-log) ?
 create                       Create an access log or format
 cancel-upload                Cancel all pending access log uploads
 delete                       Delete an access log or format
 diagnostic-upload            Configure automatic uploads of the diagnostic log to Blue Coat
 disable                      Disable access-logging
 early-upload                 Set log size in MB which triggers an early upload
 edit                         Edit an access log or format
 enable                       Enable access-logging
 exit                         Return to (config) prompt
 max-log-size                 Set maximum size in MB that logs can grow to
 overflow-policy              Set what to do when maximum log size is reached
 upload                       Upload all access logs
 view                         Show access log settings
CF_Name#(config access-log) edit log main
CF_Name#(config log main) client-type ftp
CF_Name#(config log main) ftp-client primary host 
CF_Name#(config log main) ftp-client primary path <remote-ftp-path>
CF_Name#(config log main) ftp-client primary username test
CF_Name#(config log main) ftp-client primary password abc123
CF_Name#(config log main) view
CF_Name#(config log main) exit
CF_Name#(config access-log) upload log main
CF_Name#(config access-log) view statistics main


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