How do I copy / export the configuration (including keyrings) from one Proxy to another Proxy

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To transfer the configuration from one Proxy to another you need to complete the following steps.  They are in a logical order to follow, and each step contains a link to the KB Article with step-by-step instructions to complete that particular task:

1)  Make sure that both Proxy's are running the same version of SGOS

2)  Import any Keyrings (any certificates you created, for example, SSL interception) from the old Proxy to the new Proxy:

Please refer to 000010509

3)  Save the configuration from the old Proxy: 

        Please refer to 000010141

4)  Prepare configuration for the new Proxy:

Please refer to 000013273

OR, to save you from modifying the ‘encrypted’ passwords back to ‘plain text’ you can copy the keyring / certificate which originally encrypted the passwords by following 000012716

This will then allow you to directly import the configuration to the new Proxy with the passwords still encrypted

 5)  Restore configuration on the new Proxy: 

       Please refer to 000010141
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First Published      10/01/2014
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Last Published      05/19/2015
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