How do I create a Job that sends out a SSL certificate to the network of SG appliances?

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Can the Director push out SSL certs to SG applainces??

Can I create a overlay file, on my Director appliance, that periodically updates my SG appliances with new certificates?


NOTE: This article assumes you understand how to configure your Director appliance.  More specifically, we expect you to understand how to configure an overlay file in DIrector.  For more details on overlay files, see 000010276

Creating the overlay:

To create a overlay that requests a db update for all your SG BCWF databases, follow these steps:

  • Login to your Director appliance using the admin credentials.
  • Click on the Configure tab.
  • On the right hand side, choose 'overlay' on the drop down list , under the title called Configuration library.
  • Right click on the title All and choose New overlay.
  • On the top right, give this overlay a name such as 'SSL Certificates".
  • Click on the radio button that is called Using Cli
  • Cut and past the below cli commands into the this window.
  • TIP: Using, of course, your own certificate name and certificate.

inline ca-certificate <Certificate-name>e eof

  • Press the button called OK.
  • TIP: To ensure the paste worked, you can use the view button.  You should see no white spaces, or lines, before the text 'config t'.
  • Press the button called OK.

Testing the overlay:

To test this overlay file out, follow these steps.

  • While logged into your DIrector appliance, click on the Configuration tab.
  • Select a test SG appliance in the list.
  • Select the overlay file you just created above, and press the right mouse button.
  • Choose the Execute option.
  • Answer yes, at the prompt, to send to this overlay to this test SG.
  • If the the resulting screen contains no errors, the overlay was successfully configured.

Scheduling the overlay, and pushing the overlay out on mass:

To schedule this overlay file to be sent out periodicly, follow these steps.

  • While logged into your DIrector appliance, click on the Jobs tab.
  • Ensure the config Jobs option is selected on the right hand side, and click New Config Job.
  • Give the Job a name such as "Scheduling your SSL updates".
  • Select the actions tab, and then press "New"  ( see the bottom left of the screen).
  • On the drop down menu, select the option called Push overlay.
  • In the next drop down menu, under this one,  select the overlay you created above.
  • Push the button to select your SG appliances to send this job too.
  • Select a SG appliance(s) to send this overlay to. In this screen you can choose a group of them.
  • Ensure you press the button 'apply' or the changes will be lost when you exit.
  • If you want to schedule this job, click on the schedule tab now.
  • If you want this job executed once, choose the date here, and press the plus button to enter the date into the scheduling database.
  • If you want this job executed at regular intervals chose the radio button "This is a recurring job to be executed on" 
  • Choose the days and time you want this to execute on, and press the 'plus' button to enter this into the scheduling database.
  • Be sure to press 'ok' at the bottom right of this screen to have this job saved.
  • TIP: To test this job prior to the scheduled date, right click on the job, and press 'execute'.

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