How to create a URL list using the Director Management Console

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How do you create a URL list using the Director Management Console to prepopulate the object cache on one or more ProxySG appliances?


This feature pre-populates the object cache of one or more ProxySG devices with content from individual URLs or URL lists. For a variety of reasons, certain content is not object-cacheable. For example, Web pages that include the meta tag <META HTTPEQUIV=" Pragma" CONTENT="no-cache"> are not cacheable. Also, dynamically generated content might not be cacheable. Ensure the URLS you provide are for cachable content.

ProxySGs do not spider a Web site to pre-populate all its contents. To do that, you can use the Content Sync Module, which is discussed in the Blue Coat Director Content Sync Module Guide manual.

To create a URL list using the DMC:

  1. Log in to Director.
  2. In the DMC, click on the Content tab.
  3. On the right side, ensure URL lists is in the drop down.
  4. Right click the ALL folder.
  5. Select New > New Content List > URL List.
  6. When the Wizard pops up, give it a name.
  7. Specify a list, for example:

Alternatively, you can select Import from local file and browse to a file containing a URL list that you specified.



URL lists cannot exceed 50,000 URLs.  If you add more than 50,000 URLs to a list, the DMC crashes with a Java heap space message.


NOTE: For more information on subjects like verifiying, or deleting the lists, and folders, please see the Blue Coat Director CMG guide.  

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