How to export a ProxySG appliance key and import it to another appliance

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  1. To view a list of exportable keys on the source ProxySG appliance, log in to the Management Console and select Configuration > SSL > Keyrings. The console displays the keyrings associated with the appliance. Keyrings with exportable keys have a Yes in the Show field.
  2. To export the private key, connect to the source appliance's CLI and enter the following command:
           ssl view keypair <Keyring_Name>
 The CLI prints the private key.
  1. Copy the private key to Notepad. You can now import the key to the destination ProxySG appliance.
  2. To import the private key, log in to the Management Console of the destination appliance and select Configuration > SSL > Keyrings.
  3. To create a new keyring for the private key, click Create.
  4. Enter a Keyring Name for the new keyring.
  5. Select Import Key Ring.
  6. Paste the private key you copied from the source appliance into the Keyring text box and click OK.
  7. Click Apply.


Additional Information
If the keyring has been created as "Show Director" you will not be able to view the it on the ProxySG appliance; it is usable only by the ProxySG appliance and the Director unit that manages it.
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First Published      10/01/2014
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Last Published      03/03/2015
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