How do I generate a Video Usage report?



Video Usage Report displays data of users accessing video content as it helps network administrators and compliance officers answer questions about who is accessing what video from which web page and for how long. These reports will help them analyze video usage traffic patterns from web browsing behaviors and its effect on the business network.

Why can't I see video usuage reports on my upgraded 9.3 reporter server?


If you would like to generate Video Usage reports, it is mandatory to create a new database while installing Reporter 9.3 or upgrading from an earlier version of Reporter. Upgrading from prior versions to Reporter 9.3 will not generate the needed video usage database fields on the old database.


 Links to other relevant articles.

For details on a openssl issue with version 9.x, see KB4658

For details on how to move your database, with version 9.x, see 000009907

For details on how create custom reports, see KB3500  and for a known issue on 9.3  see  000008800

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