How do I interpret CSV FDR data fields that are exported from IntelligenceCenter?

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IntelligenceCenter is capable of exporting its FDR data to a CSV file source. When it does so, there is not a header row providing definition of the two types of files and the header meanings. See. Page 40 through 42 of the “User’s Guide to IntelligenceCenter”  on the usage of the command to generate the CSV file.

An example as is follows:

52,74,,49924,,80,6,2011-02-14 00:43:31,2011-02-14 00:43:36,172,4,0,0,0,0,19,124

To determine which field type is involved, you need to determine whether the successfully exported CSV file is for VoIP Specific or generalized Network Flow Data. Packeteer-2 or NetFlow-5 record source.

Please find the detailed header explanation for each field type below:

A. If the CSV file name starts with f, then the file deals with typical General Network Flow Data, and the comma separated fields in the CSV file are as follows,

  1. Reference Device Class ID
  2. Reference Service ID
  3. Source IP
  4. Source Port
  5. Destination IP
  6. Destination Port
  7. Protocol  ID
  8. Start time
  9. End time
  10. Bytes
  11. Packets
  12. Retransmission bytes
  13. Retransmission Total Delay
  14. Retransmission Server Delay
  15. Retransmission Transaction
  16. TCP Flag
  17. Time to live

B. If the CSV file name starts with V, the FDR flows deals with VoIP data, then the comma separated fields in the CSV file are as follows:

  1. Reference Device Class ID
  2. Source IP                                                                                                                                                          
  3. Destination IP
  4. Start time
  5. End time
  6. Bytes
  7. Packets
  8. VoIP Latency
  9. VoIP Jitter
  10. VoIP Loss
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