How do I make the data in my reports anonymous?

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Does reporter have a way to obscure data in reports?

Can we anonymize data in reports?

Can I create a role that has access to all the reports, but anonymizes some data, such as client ip addresses, or usernames, in a report?


With the advent of Reporter, version 9.3.x, a new feature was introduced that enables you to choose certain fields in the database to replaced with anonymous data. Earlier versions of Reporter do not contain this feature.

To access this feature, follow these steps.

  • Login to Reporter using your admin credentials.
  • Navigate to the adminstration section of the User Interface ( UI).
  • Click on the the General settings tab.
  • Select the "Access Control" option, and then click on Roles.
  • Create a new Role by clicking on "new".
  • Give the name to a role, and click 'next'.
  • Select the database you want this role to have acess to.
  • On the right hand side, you will see a title called "Fields to Anonymize" .
  • Using this position in the UI, select the fields you want to anonymize.
  • Press "Done".

Once the role is created, you merely need to add a user to the role, and then test the user to ensure it works to as expected.

NOTE: All IP addresses are anonymized using multicast addresses.

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