How do I manually migrate the configuration from my Director appliance running SGME 5.x to my Director running v6.x?

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When you upgrade from SGME 5.x to v6.x, you have the option to migrate your current configuration from a Director 510 appliance and complete the upgrade to v6.x. In some situations, this migration process fails and your configuration is not automatically imported from the Director 510 running 5.x to your Director running v6.x.

On 1 out of 8 times, you will see this error -

% Error reading key <----------------


When the migration process fails, you need to manually restore the configuration by following these steps below:

On your Director 510 running v5.x- the origonal appliance:

1. Access the Command Line Interface.

2. Generate an archive key.

3. Create an archive using the archive key.

4. Upload the archive and the key to an external server.

On your Director running v6.x:

1. Access the Command Line Interface.

2. Pull the archive down, and restore the archive ( you will need the archive key to complete this step)

3. Reboot the appliance.

Here are the commands used in steps 1 and 2 on SGME V5.X  section:

1: Login, via SSH, to the SGME 5.5.2.X, and replicate these commands to generate an archive.

Director > en
Director5 # conf t f
Director5 (config) # line-vty length 0
Director5 (config) # archive generate key mykey

Archive key 'mykey' generated successfully.

Director5 (config) # archive all create remote-archive key mykey
Generating archive file.
This may take a few minutes.

Archive file "remote-archive" created successfully

Director5 (config) # archive all upload <archive-name> ftp|http|scp:\\<path name>\ key <mykey>

Here are the commands used in steps  1 and 2 on SGME 6.X  section :

2: Login, via SSH, to the SGME  and replicate these commands, to restore the archive.

Director6 > en
Director6 # conf t f
Director6 (config) # line-vty length 0

Director6 (config) # archive all fetch <archive-name> ftp|http|scp:\\<path name>\<archive-name> username <username> password <password>
Director6 (config) # archive input key remote show
Enter key now.
Press Ctrl-D when finished, or Ctrl-C to abort
-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----^JProc-Type: 4,ENCRYPTED^JDEK-Info: DES-EDE3-CBC,86DC9CF21748109D^J^JePH87gDo6BT1PAExkSOtIhS3uBpA55MQcHAvutaKYrxPyeuwGaSJ8DNiwtpK9MrJ^J5nL9OE6AOwIivJG1Hz5O4yro9nExbvclub1RNfszhJwwcYqP5wCcnGVhpLTr6wtt^Jp+mjxBb5tD96LwghJj8P
kGnQ==^J-----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----^J^Jrajesh (config) #^J^D

Enter pass phrase here:admin

The archive should be restored now.

Links to other articles:

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