How do I obtain and upload simultaneous packet capture and support trace of an issue on ProxyClient?

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Below are the instructions for collecting and uploading a simultaneous packet capture and support trace of an issue from ProxyClient to an existing Blue Coat Support service request.

1.     Double-click on the Blue Coat ProxyClient icon in the system tray of the machine.

2.     Go to the Advance tab.
3.     In the Diagnostic Tools area, select More.
4.     Under Support trace, click Start Trace. 
5.     Download/Install/Open Wireshark ( and start a capture.
6.     ## Reproduce the problem ##
7.     Stop the Wireshark capture.
8.     In the ProxyClient UI, under Support trace, click Stop Trace.  The link changes to “Start Trace”.
9.     Go into the ProxyClient install directory, usually C:\Program Files\Blue Coat\ProxyClient.
10.   Double-click ProxyClientDC.exe.
11.   Select option 2 to send detailed diagnostics to Tech Support using the SR number.
12.   Save the Wireshark packet capture and upload it at referencing the SR number. 


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