How do I refresh the subscription license on the ProxyAV appliance after renewing it?



License still displays as expired after renewal.



If you renew the current license before the current term lapses, the ProxyAV appliance revalidates and applies the new license subscription automatically.

If you renew the subscription after the current term expires, you need to download the license key file and manually install it using the ProxyAV Management Console.

  1. Go to the Blue Coat Licensing Portal ( BCLP) -
  2. Login with your BTO credentials.
  3. Locate the serial number for you ProxyAV from the list and download the license key file.
  4. Save it to a location that you can easliy access from the ProxyAV Management Console. 
  5. Launch the ProxyAV Management Console
  6. Select the Licensing tab
  7. Copy the contents of the license file and paste it into the License Key Manual Installation field.
  8. Click Save Changes to commit your changes. You have successfully updated your AV subscription on the appliance.
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