How do I restore the ProxyAV appliance to factory defaults?

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There are two ways of doing this - through the front panel display and the CLI:

To restore default settings using the front panel (only for ProxyAV appliance 510 and 810):

1.Verify that the System LED on the front panel is lit.
2.Press the Enter button to change to Configure mode.
3.Press the Up or Down arrow to cycle to Restore factory defaults.
4.Press the Enter button to initiate the restoration.

**Note: On the AV210, AV1200, AV1400, and AV2400 you must use the CLI to restore the appliance to factory defaults.

 To restore default settings using the CLI:
Log into the ProxyAV appliance using an SSH connection.
1.At the command prompt, enter enable, then enter the enable password that you configured during initial configuration.

Enable Password:
You are now in privileged mode.

2.Enter restore-defaults

ProxyAV#restore defaults

You have triggered a reset to factory defaults on the ProxyAV appliance.

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