How do I shut down Director?

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Director is essentially a server rather than a network device, so in a fashion similar to any other server, you must shut down Director gracefully.
To do this, login to the Director using either a serial console or an SSH connection, and enter these commands:

Open a SSH session to to the Director box..

  • Enter the enable mode by following the steps.
    • director > enable
    • Password:
    • director #
  •  Enter the reload command, by following these steps.
    • director # reload halt

NOTE1: After entering the "reload halt" command at the enable prompt, Director will shut the software down. Give the system about 5 minutes to do so. The power will still be on to the unit, but as long as the front panel LCD is dim displays nothing it is safe to pull the power cable from the device. When you are ready to turn the device back on, plug the power cable back in and Director will boot.

NOTE2: For other command line interface commands ( CLI), see 000014637

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