How do you enable extra debuging on the MSI install for Windows?

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Bluecoat reporter 9.1.x versions are delivered as a executable on Windows that contains a MSI file.  Here's how to create a install log for debuging and troubleshooting purposes.

Here's the command to use if you are installing Reporter

1: Download the latest executiable from
2: Navigate to where you downloaded this executable to and type:
"Reporter_9.1.3.2_42002_win32.exe /v"/l*vx "C:\temp\reporterinstall.log"
Note: The C:\temp folder should be an existing folder for the install.log to be created.
3: You can then open the reporterinstall.log from the C:\temp folder in any word processor of your choosing.

Other modifiers can be used in conjunction with the /l switch:

    Modifier  Description
    i  Status messages - Indicates when actions are started and stopped.
    w  Non-fatal warnings
    e  All error messages
    a  Start up of actions
    r  Action-specific records
    u  User requests
    c  Initial UI parameters
    m  Out-of-memory or fatal exit information
    o  Out-of-disk-space messages
    p  Terminal properties
    v  Verbose output
    x  Extra debugging information--only available on Windows Server 2003
    +  Append to existing file
    !  Flush each line to the log
    *  Wildcard, log all information except for the v and x options. To include the v and x options, specify "/l*vx".


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