How do you procure a status of a Backup job

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Creating a scheduled backup of my SG, using Director, shows that a status of "'Not yet executed'



To duplicate this issue, follow these steps.

1: Setup a Director with at least one single SG registered.
2: Login, and load the Director Management Console ( DMC).
3: Ensure your SG is registered, if it isn't, follow 000015497  to register it.
4: Click on the Job tab.
5: On the right, ensure "Config Jobs" is in the 'show' window, and then right click on 'all' 
6: Choose, <new>, <job> <config>
7: Give the job a name, then click on the 'actions' tab.
8: On the bottom right, click on the button "new'
9: In the 'action' drop down list, choose "Take Backup"
10:In the 'Select Target Device, choose the SG you registered above.
11: Click on the 'schedule' tab, and Click on the radio button called "This is a recurring job to be executed on:"
12: Click on the week days, and change the time, and press the plus key.
12: Press the ok button , the bottom right. 
13: Click on the job, to obtain a status. 

Result1: The job status for this scheduled job never updates from ' Not yet executed'.  The status in the list of jobs, always shows as a dash '-'. 

14: In the jobs tab, right click on the job you just setup, above, and choose 'execute'.

Result2: This single action shows the job with a status of a green tick, not a dash '-'

Expected result: The jobs actually do execute, so the scheduled backup jobs should show a proper executes status with a green tick. 

NOTE: This issue has been fixed in SGME Version, or later.    If you experience this issue, please log a service request (SR)  with bluecoat, and quote this KB, where we'll be able to provide you the URL to download this version.

LINKS to other helpful articles:

For instructions on how to register a SG with Director, see 000015497 

For details on problems you might see when registering SG devices with Director, see 000011636

For details on command line commands, see 000014637

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First Published      10/01/2014
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Last Published      10/01/2014
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