How to access YouTube from schools using the school's unique Youtube ID

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Youtube provides a facility to allow schools to access their site and for each school to be recognised by Youtube using a unique ID. To work, this ID needs to be added to each URL requested from Youtube.


The following solution is based on


  1. Create a new rule in a Web Access Layer.

  2. For the destination object, create a Request URL for ‘’.

  3. For the action object, create a Control Request Header Object for ‘X-YouTube-Edu-Filter’.

    You will need to set the value to the unique ID for your school’s account (see
  4. As pointed out in the above Youtube web article, ensure that the and top-level domains are not blocked elsewhere in policy.
  5. Save and test.


If you prefer to add this as CPL directly into your Local Policy, you can use the following code:


    url.domain=// action.X-YouTube-Edu-Filter(yes)

define action X-YouTube-Edu-Filter
    set( request.x_header.X-YouTube-Edu-Filter, "ABCD1234567890abcdef" )


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