How to configure error handling for ICAP request and response services.

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You want configure you ProxySG in order to deny or allow all requests or responses if a communication error occurs with the ICAP server.


To configure error handling, select one of the following two options:

- Deny the client request. This is the default and recommended by Blue Coat. All the requests or responses will be denied if a communication error will occur.

- Continue without further ICAP request processing. This option will allow requests or responses to go through without ICAP scanning, if a communication error will occur. Be advised that this presents a content integrity risk.


You can configure these option from your VPM editing an "ICAP Request (or Response) Service Object"  in a Web Content layer:

ICAP error handling configuration via VPM


Or via CPL with the following code in case of a fail open configuration:

    request.icap_service(proxyavrequest,fail_open) request.icap_service.secure_connection(auto) ;


or this one in case of a fail closed configuration:

    request.icap_service(proxyavrequest,fail_closed) request.icap_service.secure_connection(auto) ;  


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