How to create a new category in the Visual Policy Manager (VPM)

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You can use the VPM to create a new category or URL list for use in policy.  The benefit to doing this instead of creating a new URL object for each exception to your policy is that the policy is easier to read and smaller, resulting in less work for the proxy and faster policy installs.

First, navigate to the VPM by clicking on the Configuration tab of the management console, then Policy, then Visual Policy Manager, and finally the Launch button.

  • Now that the VPM is launched, the first place to add a category is by clicking on the Configuration menu, and clicking Edit Categories...
  • Click the word "Policy", then click the Add button at the bottom.  Give this new category a name.  Note that it cannot be the same as any existing categories
  • Next, click the name of the policy you created in the top area.
  • Then click the "Edit URLs" button at the bottom.
  • Now you can add URLs in any of the following formats:  (  ,  , )
  • Click the OK button
  • Click the OK button on the Edit Categories screen
  • Click Install Policy


You can now use this newly created category in any of your policy.

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